Socios Is Coming

We began with a simple idea – to bring fans closer to their clubs, let them vote on club matters and reward them for their participation. Over the past year, we’ve signed 7 major teams with which to launch the app and we’re very nearly there.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that an early release of the app is just days away. From getting free Fan Tokens and $CHZ in Token Hunt, to voting and earning rewards, here’s how will be rolled out to fans all over the world.


This early release will be available for fans to download on both the App Store and Google Play in the very near future. If you want to be the first to know, be sure to sign-up here or follow our Facebook or Twitter channels.

It’s worth remembering that as this is an early release, a lot of features and functions are still being perfected and polished. Please bear with us if things don’t work perfectly from the outset…it’s all part of the journey.

From the moment of launch, we will constantly refine and update the app, to ensure stays on top of its game, pun intended ????


As soon as the app is available to download, you will be able to take part in our hotly-anticipated Augmented Reality (AR) Token Hunt from almost anywhere in the world.

Token Hunt is a permanent feature of the app, where fans will always be able to collect a limited amount of Fan Tokens & $CHZ for free. However, we’ve planned to make millions of $CHZ and thousands of Fan Tokens available for free during this initial period.

To find out more about exactly how this works check out our Token Hunt guide here.


In this early release, only Juventus Fan Tokens will be available to collect, which can be used to take part in official Juventus polls in the near future.


$CHZ will also be free to hunt down. Once collected, they will be transferred to your digital wallet on, and can be exchanged for Juventus Fan Tokens in November, or the Fan Tokens from our other partner clubs as soon as they become available in the new year. Please refer below for the anticipated FTO® schedule.


A global Token Hunt for all Fan Tokens will begin in January 2020. During this period, thousands of Fan Tokens for each individual partner club can be hunted for free. is designed for fans, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve your fan experience. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information in the coming days.

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