SSC Napoli: What is a Fan Token?

What is is an all-in-one fan influence & rewards app, that allows Napoli fans across the world get closer to the team.

From voting on official team and player polls, to winning once in a lifetime opportunities, your relationship with Napoli will change forever, thanks to fan tokens!

What is a Fan Token?
Think of Fan Tokens as a digital pass that never expires. They allow you to influence team decisions and give you unparalleled access to your favourite club. Helping choosing a shirt design, or choosing which song is played when Napoli score at home is no longer a dream, but a real possibility.

How many Fan Tokens do I need?
Fans can start influencing their team with just 1 Fan Token. However, the more you own, the bigger your influence and higher your chance of winning grand prizes, such as VIP experiences & signed memorabilia. As mentioned above, Fan Tokens never expire and are yours to use over and over again.

How much does a Fan Token cost?
The price of a fan token is determined by market demand, however, when a Fan Token is listed for the first time, the starting price is usually the same as that of a cappuccino.

The earlier you get your Fan Tokens, the better. So make sure you buy yours as soon as they are made available to purchase. There are only a limited number of Fan Tokens available for each team.

How do I buy Fan Tokens?
Fan Tokens can be purchased directly from the app using $CHZ, our in-app currency.

On the Socios app, tap on Wallet, buy $CHZ using your debit or credit card, and exchange them for Fan Tokens thereafter.

Fan Tokens are your licence to vote on official team decisions, win exclusive Fan Rewards and participate in games. Chiliz is the currency you need to buy Fan Tokens (think of it like having to buy a foreign currency when you go abroad)

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