The Fan Token Burn – Super Weekend

Following the Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG) Fan Token Burn in their victory over rivals Marseille in the Trophée des Champions, more Fan Tokens will be burned this weekend! 

The Fan Token Burn – Super Weekend will see thousands of FC Barcelona ($BAR) Galatasaray ($GAL), Juventus ($JUV), AS Roma ($ASR) and Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG) Fan Tokens burned, based on the goals and final results. 

So what exactly is a ‘Burn’ and why are we doing it? 

Burning is a very common practice in crypto, and is simply a way to reduce the circulating supply of a token meaning the tokens become more scarce. 

$BAR, $GAL, $JUV, $ASR and $PSG Fan Tokens will be burned for every goal the teams score and even more if they win. For knock-out or cup games that end in a tie, penalty shoot-out goals won’t count. 

The amount of Fan Tokens that will be burned are as follows: 


Per goal: 10,000 $PSG

Per win: 20,000 $PSG



Per goal: 10,000 $JUV

Per win: 20,000 $JUV



Per goal: 20,000 $BAR

Per win: 40,000 $BAR



Per goal: 5,000 $GAL

Per win: 10,000 $GAL



Per goal: 5,000 $ASR

Per win: 10,000 $ASR

The burn will happen during these matches: 

AS Roma vs Lazio vs (15/1)

Paris Saint-Germain vs Angers (16/1)* 

FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club (17/1)

Galatasaray vs Beşiktaş (17/1)

Juventus vs Inter Milan (17/1)

*The actual burn for $PSG Fan Tokens will not happen live

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