- Token Hunt Explosion

Token Hunt Explosion

Our biggest Token Hunt to date is happening right now! 

35,000 Fan Tokens are available through our in-app Augmented Reality (AR) feature Token Hunt. Get your hands on your favourite Fan Tokens including $CHZ and $SSU for free!

So how does it work? 

All you need to do is: 

– Tap on ‘Hunt’ in the app and join the Token Explosion Hunt 

– Seven question mark icons will generate in your vicinity, regardless of where you are located (usually within a few hundred metres). Simply tap on the icons and you will see 3 tokens up for grabs: $CHZ, $SSU and team Fan Token

– As you approach the Token simply tap on it. The Token you’ve grabbed will then appear in augmented reality. At this point tap again to add it to your in-app wallet.

– You can hunt up to 7 Fan Tokens for free every 24 hours till 05/02 or until supply runs out.

Wanna learn more about Token Hunt? Click here

Good luck and get Hunting!