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tottenham hotspur FTO® 04.10

passion knows no boundaries.

Wherever you are, Reward Your Passion for
Tottenham Hotspur with Spurs Fan Tokens on

Be in that number: 04.10

Spurs Fan Tokens celebrate your dedication to Tottenham Hotspur, rewarding you for your passion with access to extraordinary Fan Rewards and ‘Did that really just happen?’ experiences.

Spurs Fan Tokens will smash through geographical boundaries, bringing the global Spurs fan community closer and empowering them to ‘Be in that number’.

It all begins on October 4th with the global launch of the Spurs Fan Token Offering (FTO®). 


Spurs Fan Token Reward Tiers

The table below shows the experiences and rewards that are achievable based on the number of Fan Tokens held. But acting like a fan on the app is the key. The more you engage, the more XP points you’ll earn and the closer you’ll get to unlocking rewards.

1 Fan Token

What’s included

5 Fan Tokens

All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

10 Fan Tokens

All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

25 Fan Tokens

All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

50 Fan Tokens

All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

100 Fan Tokens

All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

New benefits for
One Hotspur members 

The Spurs Fan Token will be part of the One Hotspur Membership programme, providing new benefits in addition to current member perks. All existing and future members over the age of 18 will be eligible to redeem free non-tradable Fan Tokens based on their member status.

One Hotspur+ Members and Season Ticket Holders will be offered 5 free Fan Tokens


One Hotspur and One Hotspur Connect Members will be offered 1 free Fan Token


Spurs FTO®: Key details

The Spurs Fan Token is for all fans, meaning you can Reward your Passion whether N17 is your backyard or you live thousands of miles away from North London!
The Spurs FTO® begins on 04.10.

FTO® supply & price:
500K Fan Tokens at $2 each

Circulating Supply at Global Launch:
3M Fan Tokens (2.5M additional tokens) Global launch will be done in the 30 days post FTO®

A total of 37M Fan Tokens will be released over the next 10 years. Fan Tokens will be released on a monthly basis
04.10.23 | 13:00-16:59 CEST
4 hours
Token cap:
100 Fan Tokens
04.10.23 | 17:00-20:59 CEST
4 hours
Token cap:
500 Fan Tokens
04.10 to 06.10.2023 | 21:00 - 20:59 CEST
48 hours
Token cap:

Spurs FTO®: Get Ready

The Spurs FTO® takes place exclusively on - where passion meets rewards.
Prepare to take part and be in that number.

Step 1

Download the app for free on Android or
iOS and sign up.

Step 2

Go to the Football tab and select
Tottenham Hotspur as your team.

Step 3

Add $CHZ from the Wallet Page and follow the
instructions to purchase with your
preferred payment method.

Step 4

Join the Tottenham Hotspur FTO®. 
Enter how many Fan Tokens you want and use your $CHZ to purchase them.
Your Fan Tokens will appear in your wallet.

Your questions answered

Fan Tokens are utility tokens, a type of digital asset, created using Chiliz Blockchain technology. Utility tokens have a function, or several functions, and can be used across systems or platforms for various purposes – for example, to provide access to a digital community, exclusive content, discounts or loyalty programs.

They are intrinsic to the fan experience on – the world’s leading fan engagement and rewards platform, where fans can connect with their teams in various ways, including predicting scores, choosing their favourite players, checking in, voting in official Club polls and playing games. 

Fan Token holders are rewarded for acting like fans on, with in-app engagement resulting in reward points credited to fan wallets that can be used to later redeem Fan Rewards, including VIP tickets, merchandise, collectible match used items, access to the team and other unique, club-linked, behind the scenes experiences.

Fan Tokens are tradable; this provides flexibility because the level of influence in features and access to Fan Rewards on is determined by engagement and the number of Fan Tokens held. Therefore, fans can increase or decrease their impact on by selling Fan Tokens or buying more Fan Tokens on

Fan Tokens are also fungible. In simple terms, this means they are replicable and non-unique, so millions of these identical assets can be created, providing teams with the potential to connect with their global fanbases at scale. 

And while channels like social media are geared towards one-way engagement, with fans predominantly absorbing content, Fan Tokens can help transform global audiences into an active community. That’s because Fan Tokens empower fans to make a recognisable impact and to be rewarded for doing so. is the world’s biggest fan engagement and rewards app. It launched in 2019 when Juventus became the first club in the world to connect with its global fanbase using Fan Tokens. FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal, Napoli, AS Roma, Benfica, the Italian and Portuguese national teams, and many more have followed suit, as have the UFC and a string of F1 teams. welcomes fans – worldwide – to gain recognition and rewards by acting like passionate fans on the app. They can do this by using Fan Tokens to engage with a host of fan-focused in-app features, earning rewards points every time they do that can later be used to redeem Fan Rewards and experiences linked to their favourite teams. continues to grow in popularity, recording over two million downloads worldwide.

The Spurs FTO®, or Fan Token Offering® to give it its full title, is when a limited number of Spurs Fan Tokens will go on sale for the very first time at a fixed price for a limited time period exclusively on

A total of 500K Spurs Fan Tokens will be available during the FTO® at $2 each (approximately £1.65).

The FTO® begins on Wednesday, October 4th, and will occur in 3 waves.

The first wave starts at 13:00 CEST and will continue until 16:59 CEST. During this time, there will be a purchase limit of 100 Fan Tokens per person.

The second wave begins at 17:00 CEST and will continue until 20:59 CEST. During this time, there will be a purchase limit of 500 Fan Tokens per person

There will be no purchase limit during the third wave, which begins at 21:00 CEST on Wednesday, October 4th and will continue until 20:59 CEST on Friday, October 6th, or until all available Fan Tokens have sold out.


Spurs Fan Tokens will be available for purchase in the marketplace within 30 days of the FTO® ending. This moment will be known as the Global Launch.

The Global Launch will take place during the 30-day period after the end of the Spurs FTO®. At this point, 2.5M Spurs Fan Tokens® will be released, creating a total circulating supply of 3M.

While Spurs Fan Tokens will be sold at a fixed price of $2 during the FTO®, the price will be determined by supply and demand from the moment the Global Launch takes place.

own your passion.

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