Voting – How & Why? aims to change the way you, a sports fan, interacts with the team you love, by offering a unique voting & rewards platform. Through regular polls & surveys, you get to influence certain decisions while earning rewards that give you access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive merchandise & more.



Why have we created

Whether you’re a lifelong season-ticket holder that attends every match, or a sofa supporter that lives 5,000 km from a stadium, your support for your team is what defines you. You are a fan. But what if you could be more than a fan?

We created because we wanted to create a deeper connection between a fan and the team they support, because we believe that sport is nothing without its fans.

We want to elevate every supporter to ‘superfan’ status, so we built an app where your team will ask for your opinion on a range of different topics – from the naming of a training ground and merchandise design, to goal celebrations.

Seriously…you will get to choose. Here’s how it all works.

Step 1 – Getting Chiliz ($CHZ) Tokens

It all starts with getting your hands on Chiliz Tokens ($CHZ), You can get these for free (for a limited period) using our Augmented Reality (AR) feature, Token Hunt. Using your phone’s geo-location and camera, you can hunt for free tokens wherever you are in the world. Did we mention that they’re free? You will also be able to buy $CHZ directly from the app.

Step 2 – Getting Fan Tokens

$CHZ is the digital currency of the app, so this is what you use to buy Fan Tokens. So the more $CHZ you hunt, and therefore hold in your wallet, the more you have to spend on Fan Tokens. For a limited period, you will also be able to hunt for FREE Fan Tokens. And the more Fan Tokens you have, the more influence you have in polls, and the more rewards you can earn.

Step 3 – Voting

Vote! Fan Tokens act as your licence to vote in every single poll that is issued by your team, & you will earn rewards for doing so. Your Fan Tokens don’t expire and they are never ‘spent’, no matter how many times you vote.


And that’s pretty much it. Want to be more than a fan? Then what are you waiting for. Sign up now!

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