Welcome To Chat on Socios.com

Our much anticipated feature has landed. From that incredible goal you just watched to a referee’s questionable decisions, Chat connects you 24/7 to fans from across the world. 

You’ll meet other Socios.com users – a community of passionate superfans with one thing in common – their love and commitment to their club. 

Happy about transfer news? Excited for an upcoming poll? Get stuck in to the multiple chat rooms discussing everything from trading Fan Tokens and Polls to matches, team/club performance and everything else in between. It’s entirely up to you. 

Besides the various chat rooms, each of our partners has their own dedicated chat room too. 

So how does it work? 

Getting involved is easy – just tap the Chat icon at the top right hand corner on the homepage, accept the disclaimer and you can enter any of the chat rooms provided that you have at least 1 Fan Token for that club. So for example, to enter the Culers Chat Room, you need 1 $BAR. 

Alongside all our partner club and team chat rooms, you can also join the $SSU (Socios United) Chat rooms that will be split into 2 categories: 

The Trading Floor – A Fan Token discussion around everything to do with Fan Tokens and trading them. 

The Sports World – All sports discussion centered on sports around the world. 

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