Why matchdays with Socios are fan-tastic

Matchdays are special, wherever you cheer your team from. Whether it’s at home, at the local with your mates or even at the stadium, the day is always fantastic.

Socios.com puts the fan in that fantastic and our matchday features are there to enhance your experience and help you get rewarded for your loyalty while connecting with fellow fans. 

Here’s how you can engage with your team and mates on Socios.com:

Check in to the match

When you check in to the game you’re sending out a signal to your followers. You’re marking present and showing that even if you couldn’t go to the stadium, you’re still following from afar. And that’s what it’s all about – supporting your team from anywhere.

Two hours before kick-off, check in and you’ll score leaderboard points and XP. This brings you closer to prizes and with the comment section going live, you’re also able to start some pre-match commentary and banter.

You know the score – Predict it!

Score predictions look easy, but real sports fans know just how difficult it is to nail the exact result. Prior to kick-off, head to the app to submit your predictions, and then hope for the best!

You’ll score XP and leaderboard points for every score prediction you get spot on, for every time you get the goal difference correct or for picking the correct winning team. 

Free-kick challenge

As we continue to make your matchday even better, we added a game that you can play at halftime. Become your team’s free-kick specialist by trying the Free-Kick Challenge.

To get access to this game, check-in to the match, and when halftime comes, don’t just stare blankly at the TV, whip out your phone to score goals and points!

Fan Rewards

A matchday experience is an ultimate treat and with Socios.com fans have enjoyed match days to the max.

Our Fan Rewards section gives fans the opportunity to redeem grandstand, VIP or premium tickets and the joy is unrivalled wherever you’re sat in the stadium.

You can also redeem parking passes and tick one problem off your list! 

Access all these features with your team’s Fan Tokens and make your next matchday a memorable one with Socios.com. Keep scoring leaderboard points and XP to get closer to fantastic rewards. 

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