Win big in our World Championship Leaderboard

We’re ready for the World Championship and look forward to giving you more ways to engage and compete for prizes.

The World Championship leaderboard runs until 18th December. With just 29 days of action-packed football, an intense burst of engagement is all it takes. 

All fans are welcome

As the celebration of football kicks off, we want to make sure everyone can participate, so we’ve opened up the World Championship Leaderboard to ALL Fans. 

If you don’t have a Fan Token, get involved. If you have several, get involved. Looking for a competitive element? Get involved. Yes, it’s free, free for all, with fantastic prizes to be won!

The prizes

Let’s get to the most exciting part: the prizes. 

Position Prize
1st Gaming Console
2nd Signed PSG Shirt
3rd Signed Football Boot
4th Premium Wash Bag
5th Football Merch Voucher
6th-10th Fan Token Pack
11th-25th 7,000 SSU
25th-50th 5,000 SSU
51th-100th 2,000 SSU
101th-250th 1,000 SSU

How to earn points and compete

Check out this table to see which activities will award you points for the World Championship leaderboard.

Feature Guideline Points awarded
Check-in Open on matchday, two hours before kick-off. Each time you check into a game, you’ll score points, wherever you’re watching from! 50
Predictor: Place a prediction Get 50 points when you submit your score predictions. 50
Predictor: Correct score When you get the correct score, you’ll get the full suite of points!  100
Predictor: Correct winning team  Didn’t guess the exact score but picked the winner correctly? Great, 100 points to you! 100
Predictor: Correct score ratio You’ll even get points when you get the correct score ratio 100
Free Kick Challenge Step up, take aim and score free-kicks to earn points. Head over to a team’s page during halftime to play. 
To unlock this halftime game, you must predict the match score.

There are 64 matches in total, so be sure to check in to every game, submit your predictions and play the Free-Kick challenge to keep racking up the points.

Pro tip: set pre-kick-off alarms and never miss a beat!

Explore the features

How to predict

Submit your pre-match predictions and score up to 350 points if you get it spot on. You’ll be able to do this once per match, for all 64 matches.

Follow these steps to predict

From home screen tap ‘Matches’ -> tap ‘World Championship’ -> choose a team ->

choose a match -> tap ‘Prediction’ -> Enter a score and tap ‘submit’

How to check-in

Available 2 hours before kick-off, you can do this once per match.

Follow these steps to check-in.

From the home screen tap ‘Matches’ -> tap ‘World Championship’ -> choose a team -> choose a match -> tap ‘Check-in’ -> choose a team, where you’re watching from, write a message, and tap ‘Check-in’

How to play Free-Kick Challenge

The Free-Kick challenge will be available 45 minutes into the first half. You can represent both teams in this game.

Follow these steps to play Free-Kick Challenge

From the home screen tap ‘Sports’ -> tap ‘All Teams’ -> tap ‘World’ -> choose a team -> tap ‘Play’ on the Free-Kick Challenge banner.

New Trophies

Winning trophies is an excellent way of racking up XP points and scoring SSU Loyalty Tokens.

For this monumental occasion, you can collect more than 20 new Trophies. That’s a haul that even Lionel Messi himself would be proud of.

Head over to achievements in the reward section of the app to check the new trophies.

Stay tuned for more

Yes, we’re all in for a super November and December… it’s a winter World Championship, unchartered territory where you will thrive. Watch out for more fun competitions and games throughout this World Championship season on the app.

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