New: Fabric of Champions Digital Collectible Series

Lock Fan Tokens during the football championships to claim exclusive Digital Collectibles.

The domestic campaigns may have ended, but the football keeps coming, as do your rewards. With two major international tournaments taking place, you’re in a prime position to score rare Digital Collectibles and win prizes. 

Germany will welcome fans from across the world to the colourful European Championships, while all eyes will be on the USA, hosting the passionate South American football competition. 

Argentina & Italy Fan Tokens FTW

With two partners looking to dominate in their respective continents, Argentina and Italy Fan Tokens are your key to rewards. Argentina captured the imagination of the world when they won the World Championships, while reigning European Champions Italy are looking to defend their European title. Holding and locking Fan Tokens from these two powerful international teams is your key to this exclusive collection.

The Fabric of Champions Collection: From Past to Future

Kit designs have always captured the imagination of football fans, and as the worlds of fashion and football collide, the future is bright. These exclusively minted Digital Collectibles celebrate iconic past kits, today’s designs and tomorrow’s visions. Featuring four unique collectibles, each piece celebrates the illustrious journeys of La Selección and Gli Azzurri, showcasing distinct temporal aspects of football fashion and culture. Immerse yourself on a journey through kit design over the years.  

The “Fabric of Champions” is an exclusive Digital Collectibles Drop honouring the legacy of the reigning European and South American champions.

This collection is a tribute to the iconic kits that have defined these teams’ successes and the innovative designs that will shape their future in the sport. Complete the collection to get in a draw to win the official jersey of the defending champions. If you’ve already loved their iconic kits, we can’t wait to show you their future designs.

Collect all four categories

There will be four Digital Collections for Locker Room: Classic, Bronze, Silver and Gold Collections. 

Collect all four types of Digital Collectibles of at least one team and you’ll enter the draw to win a jersey too! Read on to discover how to earn your Digital Collectibles.

Here is a breakdown of how many Fan Tokens you need to lock to get your Digital Collectibles:

CategoryFan Tokens requiredSupply
Gold – “The Legendary”50300
Silver – “The Past”15750
Bronze – “The Future”101000
Classic – “The Present”52000

Collect all four categories of at least one team and enter a draw for a jersey!

The Collection showcases legendary kits from the past in the Gold and Silver categories, highlighting iconic designs that shaped football. It then explores present designs in the Classic category, while the Bronze category looks forward to the future of kit designs. It’s a collection spanning decades that will bring back memories and also cast an eye into the future of kit design using AI. Collaborating with digital artists to help us predict new models opened up our eyes and helped us generate these fully endorsed, limited-edition Digital Collectibles.  Which one are you most excited to own?

Lock your Fan Tokens to earn rewards

The Locker Room is where the magic happens. This feature enables you to lock your Fan Tokens in return for limited edition Digital Collectibles. Pick between two options, Flexible Locker and Locked Locker:

Flexible Locker

If you choose to use the Flexible Locker, you can unlock your Fan Tokens at any time; however, if you do so before the locking period ends, you’ll forfeit the Digital Collectibles.

Here’s how to enter the Locker Room from your wallet: 

  1. Tap Wallet
  2. Select Locker Room
  3. Tap Flexible Locker
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  5. Slide to Lock Fan Tokens

Remember: Your Fan Tokens will be non-tradable during this period, but you can still engage with your team as usual. You can unlock your Fan Tokens anytime, losing the chance of securing your Digital Collectible. Unlocking the Fan Tokens makes your Fan Tokens tradeable again.

Use a Locked Locker 

Pick the Locked Locker to score your Digital Collectibles immediately and boost your collections

Follow these steps to claim your Official Team Digital Collectible right away

  1. Tap Wallet
  2. Select your team
  3. Choose your Digital Collectible
  4. Select Locker Room
  5. Tap Locked Locker
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  7. Slide to Lock Fan Tokens
  8.  Receive your Digital Collectible in your wallet

Your important dates: 

The Locker Room opens at 11:00 CEST on June 10th, and you’ll have a 35-day window to lock your Fan Tokens. This period ends at 23:00 CEST on the 15th of July. 

The Locked Lockers will open on the 15th of August 2024 at 11:00 CEST. While your Fan Tokens are locked, you can still engage with your team to score Reward Points, however your Fan Tokens are simply non-tradeable. 

If you’ve managed to collect all the Digital Collectibles from this campaign of at least one team, you’ll be able to take part in an exclusive competition to win a jersey from one of our international partners, Italy or Argentina. You’ll be given access to a quiz, and acing it will get you into the draw for the main prize. 

Ready to reap the rewards during two major international tournaments? Use the Locker room from the 10th of June 2024 and boost your collection!

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