Chiliz, the sports blockchain powering, partners with Common Goal

The Paris Blockchain Week delivered a piece of fantastic news as Chiliz announced it is joining the incredible Common Goal movement, aimed at effecting social change.

The Common Goal audience keeps growing, and the aim is simple: Professional footballers, legends, coaches and sporting organisations can donate 1% of their revenue to the movement which impacts key impact areas of Racial Justice, Mental Health, Gender Equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, Climate Change and supports those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through relief funds. will support the 1% pledge pledges to donate 1% of the revenue from each FTO® and with the support of our growing sports network, we’ll do extra to ensure more people can benefit from these joint incentives, including the One Shirt Pledge.

The One Shirt Pledge

Chiliz and Common Goal will work on a number of joint initiatives together to use the power of football and blockchain technology to support positive social change. The first initiative, which was showcased at Paris Blockchain Week, is the One Shirt Pledge.

The One Shirt Pledge calls all players and legends to donate a matchworn shirt from their personal collection. The drive will take place between April and May, with Chiliz and Common Goal using their networks to collect as many shirts as possible. The players or legends will make a video pledge in support of the project, which will encourage more donations and increase awareness about the need for the campaign. Each player will highlight a specific area that they support in a video, be it Racial Justice, Mental Health, Gender Equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, Climate Change or relief aid for earthquake victims. Juan Mata, Jermaine Jenas and Giorgio Chiellini are among the first players to commit to the One Shirt Pledge. 

Chiliz will then use Socios Collectibles technology to verify and authenticate each donated matchworn item and integrate NFC chips onto them too, showing the video donation pledge. As explained here, this guarantees the product is what it says it is, and gives the holder a video memory of the item too. 

After that, a Grand Celebrity Auction will be held on – the global leader in the sale and distribution of official matchworn and autographed memorabilia.

And yes, you guessed it, all the money collected will be donated to charity too as we use the power of sport to drive real change across the globe. 

How will Chiliz support the Common Goal?

Chiliz will use its own technology to support the One Shirt Pledge agreement, and there’s a deeper understanding between Common Goal and Chiliz.

Common Goal and Chiliz are united in the belief that blockchain technology can bring increased transparency, better governance and provide the scalability to reach new audiences. The two companies will work together on a long-term plan to drive greater social change, which will include a series of initiatives, new products and services focused on:

  • Bringing increased transparency, accountability and improved governance to the charity 

sector by delivering more on-chain transactions and activity.

  • Build web3 communities that deliver direct relationships with fans and charitable communities that share Common Goal’s values.
  • Mobilising and empowering the community by using these tools to allow participants to play a greater role in determining the activities of the movement.

Using blockchain technology to empower charities is a fantastic boost, and combining’s influence on the game of football creates the perfect opportunity to impact charities. It’s a match made in heaven, one which will spearhead real change. 

The Common Goal is already supported by many leading figures from the men’s and women’s games such as Juan Mata, Serge Gnabry, Jürgen Klopp, Megan Rapinoe and Pernille Harder and we are humbled to be able to make a positive impact on the initiative too.

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