Galatasaray Fan Tokens ($GAL)

Based in Turkey, Galatasaray are famous for its passionate fan base and exciting home match atmosphere. They were founded in October 1905 and play in the Turkish Super Lig, which is the top tier of Turkish football. The club has an intense rivalry with two other Istanbul-based teams, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. Galatasaray has won the Turkish Super Lig a record 22 times and the Turkish Cup a record 17 times. They have also won the UEFA Cup and Super Cup in 2000. 

What are Galatasaray Fan Tokens ($GAL)

fan tokens galatasaray

Galatasaray Fan Tokens are digital assets available on, the fan engagement platform that uses $CHZ, the cryptocurrency that powers These tokens allow holders to get closer access to Galatasaray and reward fans for their loyalty. By holding these tokens, fans can participate in polls and vote on important decisions related to their favorite team.

Galatasaray Fan Token Holder Benefits & Rewards

The benefits of owning Galatasaray Fan Tokens are numerous. As a Fan Token holder, you will have the chance to impact your favourite team and make decisions that will shape the future of the team. Additionally, Fan Tokens holders have the opportunity to win exclusive prizes such as trips to matches, meet-and-greets with players, and exclusive team merchandise.

Fan Tokens give the holders exclusive access to their favourite football team, and is a rewards-based platform that breaks down the barriers between fans and their teams. A combination of the two gives fans exclusive rights and huge benefits.

Impact Galatasaray by voting on official polls

Galatasaray Fan Tokens work by allowing fans to use their tokens to vote on polls released on the app. These polls are created in collaboration with officials from Galatasaray and Socios to allow Fan Token holders to impact the team. Some examples of polls include:

  • Picking Dries Merten’s new squad number
  • Choosing the Official Entrance Anthem as the players enter the pitch
  • Picking the dressing room design
  • Selecting the captain’s armband
  • And more…

The official poll results are final and binding, and the decision taken by Fan Token holders is final.

Earn huge Fan Rewards’s main mission is to reward fans for their loyalty. The incredible rewards must be earned, not bought. Fans earn rewards by engaging with their team on the app. Fans can vote on official team polls, check-in and predict matches and play in-app games to engage.

When fans engage they will earn profile points and SSU Loyalty Tokens and these are they to earning Fan Rewards. SSU tokens are earned and used as a currency when redeeming rewards. 

Galatasaray Fans have earned:

  • Match tickets
  • Stadium tours
  • Meet & greets with legends and current players
  • Rare merch
  • VIP tickets
  • And much more

Win Prizes

The app is packed with prizes for fans to win. We’re always on the lookout for top fans and the app is designed to reward them with prizes. 

As explained above, the more you engage with your favourite teams, the more profile points (XP) you’ll scores. These points stack in Team Leaderboards, and when you rank in Team Leaderboards, the prizes are huge. Each team has its own leaderboard, so are you ready to prove that you are Galatasaray’s number 1 fan?

How to buy Galatasaray Fan Tokens?

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Buying Galatasaray Fan Tokens is easy with To purchase tokens, you will need to sign up for a free account and top up your wallet with CHZ, the in-app cryptocurrency. Once you have CHZ in your wallet, you can follow these three steps:

1. Open the app and tap on Wallet.

2. Top up your Wallet with our in-app currency, Chiliz ($CHZ)

3. Tap on Sports, tap on $sports, all teams and search for Galatasaray before buying your $INTER Fan Token using the $CHZ you just bought.

Other Fan Token holders of Turkish teams is extremely popular amongst Turkish users. They were quick to realise the true power of this unique fan engagement platform, and therefore Socios has partnered with several teams from Turkey’s top divisions, including

  • İstanbul Başakşehir FK – $IBFK
  • Trabzonspor – $TRA
  • Alanyaspor – $ALA
  • Samsunspor – $SAM
  • Gaziantep F.K. –  $GFK
  • … and Galatasaray, of course! – $GAL

Galatasaray Fan Tokens are a revolutionary new way for fans to engage with their favorite teams and make a real impact on the decisions that shape the future of the team. With exclusive prizes and the ability to vote on important decisions, owning Galatasaray Fan Tokens is a must for any die-hard fan. Sign up for free at and get your Galatasaray Fan Tokens today!

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