Be there when it matters most: Redeem matchday tickets

Complete the journey from screen to stadium by redeeming matchday tickets from Fan Rewards on

You have access to a wide selection of tickets from games worldwide, with regular matchday and VIP/ hospitality tickets available for you.

We know being there when it matters the most means a lot to you.

So, go on, make it happen.

Score matchday tickets on

You’ve predicted scorelines, aced quizzes, checked in, impacted your team by voting in polls, racked up XP and stacked SSU.

It’s time. You know what you want. Redeem your tickets and make your mark at the game.

Head to the Fan Rewards section on the app and check out the available matches. 

There are many to choose from, with options until the end of the season and plenty of variety.

Most games are at home, but away games are also available for specific teams. 

Once you know which game and which tickets work best for you, the rest is simple: just use your SSU to redeem them.

Nice – you’re going to the match.

Keep being what you’ve always been – a fan!

Your journey from screen to the stadium is straightforward. Just keep doing the things you’ve been doing since forever!

You’ll earn XP points whenever you vote in a team poll, play games, or quizzes, check-in or connect with your team in any other feature on You get it. Just keep being a fan.

Rack up enough XP, and you’ll level up your profile, which means = SSU.

Stack enough SSU and head to Fan Rewards to redeem match tickets or other experiences and rewards.

Dare to be more

Owning Fan Tokens for your team is the key to earning significant SSU, but you can also get a feel for things and collect some SSU along the way without owning a Fan Token, too.

If you still need to do so, then choose your favourite team on to get started. You’ll then receive the latest updates directly on your newsfeed, including polls, news and Fan Rewards.

You’ll also be able to warm up for the real action by taking a free hit at features like Match Predictor and Check-In.

New to Make this season different to all the others

You know what it means to be a Fan. And you know how you want to support your team.

You never expected to be rewarded for it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be.

Redeeming matchday tickets is one of many meaningful ways fans – just like you – enjoy new benefits for doing what they’ve always done: supporting their teams.

VIP tickets, signed merchandise, meet & greets, and mind-blowing experiences. Wherever you are, we’ve got rewards for you.

Make this season different from all the others. Over 2,000,000+ fans have joined so they can reward their passion; join them and start your journey.

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