New Feature on app: Achievements

What is Achievements?

Achievements is our new and improved gamification system, replacing badges. Achievements celebrates your unique accomplishments and repetitive feats on the app.

There are two types of achievements: Milestones & Trophies.


Milestones are awarded for completing certain actions a specific number of times.

Example: For every 20 predictions, or every 5 check-ins you’ll receive a milestone.

Each time you reach a Milestone, you are rewarded with XP points.


Trophies are awarded for completing unique accomplishments. Each trophy can only be unlocked once.

Example: 1st prediction, 100th vote, 200th check-in and more.

Each time you unlock a trophy, you are rewarded with XP points.

Do I lose my previously collected badges?

Noooo! Any previously collected badges can be found within the Achievements page in Rewards under Trophies.

How do I access Achievements?

Simply tap Rewards at the bottom right of your screen and tap show all.

How do I check what is required to unlock a specific Milestone or Trophy?

Simply tap on the desired milestone or trophy and an explanation pops up!

How many XP Points do I receive for collecting a Milestone or Trophy?

This depends on the Milestone or Trophy unlocked. To check how many XP points a specific milestone or trophy gives you, simply tap on it.

How many milestones and trophies are there to unlock?

There are hundreds of milestones and trophies to collect ensuring you are awarded for each and every action on the app. More will be added as new features are released.

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